Shepherd’s Notes & Sermons MP3s

This is the archive of Pastor Cole’s Bible Study notes. If you have questions or concerns regarding the notes, please contact our staff at

you get to serve        declarations over my day       Spiritual Gift Assessment

Spiritual Gifts & Fivefold Ministry Office                This is How Im Living

Activating Your Spiritual Gifts    Spiritual Sensitivity         Straight Outta Darkness

Witnessing 101    The Spirit of a Soul Winner      Can I Get a Witness

5 Rules to Transitioning into a New Season     Self Esteem

Who Are You       Walking in   10 ways to come to church

Great Expectations    Becoming a Godly Giver  

Bible Trivia Questions        hes-putting-it-together          win-with-ten  

Prayer & Fasting Scriptures   Power of Prayer and Fasting    teach-me-how-to-pray

what-prayer-can-produce     UN-ANSWERED PRAYERS  

I’ll Worship Even if it Kills Me    I Got My Eyes On You       Husbands Guide 

Legacy Plan       Family Budget     It’s Your Move

money matters   Financially Free  FAVOR FOR FINANCE   The Breaking Point

Start It With The Best  Emotional Healthy Spirituality 1    First Fruit

Show Off Your Glory   Prophetic Timing    Objections for Getting Jesus

Share Jesus without fear  My Moment  Just When You Though It Was over

7 Deadly Venoms of Leadership 2         leadership secrets of jesus daniels-fast-9-638

What Happens When We Become Members      How members can help their church and themselves       21 Laws of Leadership  10 Rules to Being Single  Turning Point 4 – Affliction Turning Point 5 Depression


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